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Rental Schemes

What is Rental Schemes ?

Comprehensive rental scheme for wireless security surveillance cameras, network monitoring/recording equipment, software/hardware application solutions.


What is included ?

  • Maintenance Services

    1. On cameras, softwares and hardwares.
    2. Periodic maintenance, 4 times a year.

  • Support Services

    1. Toll Free Service (1-800-88-2929) that available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, which allowed customer to make service request related to our system/equipment.
    2. Link to our call center that operate everyday (24x7) for customers to log in any trouble related to our system/equipment.

  • Guaranteed products/parts replacement

    1. 'One to one swap' for security camera system installed.
    2. In the event of damage to the equipment, we will replace it with a new unit without any additional cost.*
    (*Subject to terms and conditions)


Options after expiry of rental period
Upon the expiry of the rental period, the Customers have the option to

    1. Extend the rental scheme for a new period or
    2. Terminate the rental scheme and request to remove all equipments.

Benefits :-
  • Cash Flow - Improves cash flow and frees up fund for other business activities.
  • Funding burden - Minimize/Reduce the funding burden/burden of financing as Customers can effectively manage its budget and invest the extra/additional funds into other operations like/such as Research and Development(R&D).
  • Budgeting - The Customers will have better control over its budget on related expenditure.
  • Operational - Rental payments/fee can be treated as operational/operating expenses and allow the Customers to track costs by department, measure expenditure/spending and allocate costs.
  • Technology Cycle - Renting/ rental scheme helps to establish a defined cycle for IT equipment and satisfy/meet the Customers' operation IT requirements/needs.
  • Flexibility - A capital purchase tends to lock the Customers into the IT assets, while renting/the rental scheme provides flexibility to make changes during the rental period, upgrade or renew equipment when necessary.
  • Disposal - Enables the Customers to avoid issues on disposal and cost.