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Face Capture Recognition

What is Face Capture Recognition (FCR) ?
  • FCR is an intelligent module for *ieIntelligent Escalation, which provides face capture and recognition.

  • FCR is an effective tool providing safety and security with passive recognition of subjects (the subject need not know of surveillance). The system can work in standalone mode or be integrated into access control or other third party systems to enhance functionality.

  • Advantages:-
    • No physical contact of the user with the system required.
    • Face can be recognized when person moves, without stopping in the zone of recognition.
    • Simultaneous face recognition for all people which appear in the field of a camera view.
    • Recognition even if face characteristics have changed: aging, facial hair, skin color.
    • Adaptation to various lighting conditions.
    • Use of various kinds of images from photos, Mykad etc.
    • High accuracy of identification for comparison of two or more faces simultaneously.