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License Plate Recognition

What is License Plate Recognition (LPR) ?
  • LPR is an intelligent module for *ieIntelligent Escalation, which provides license plate recognition and comparative analysis for all types of vehicles.

  • LPR works in a wide range of external conditions, and is easily integrated into legacy security equipment & external databases. LPR is an effective tool for the solution of registration tasks, identification & access control of vehicles, control and incident management of traffic.

  • Advantages :-
    • Provides advanced reaction capability and automatic operator notification based on license plate recognition and/or comparison with information from a database.
    • Integration with the third party equipment and devices: barriers, automatic gate, automatic systems of calculations, etc.
    • Organization of video channels, remote real-time management, access to the archive and remote control of the system.
    • High quality recognition in various conditions and luminosity.
    • Fast adaptation for work with new standards of license plates.
    • Effective solution of tasks of different complexity: from management of cars within a parking zone to traffic control, auto-processing and generation of customized templates reports in prints or emails.